Real Estate Accounting

Though we provide traditional tax and accounting services for real estate businesses, Ehombe’s level of service and expertise is anything but traditional. We take a multifaceted industry with complex reporting and transaction options and simplify it. We can’t change the rules, but we can — and have — changed the standard real estate CPA firm approach. Our real estate accountants are rich in industry experience and our client base is diverse — including office, warehouse and shopping center developers, land developers and sub-dividers, individual investors with numerous residential investments, residential builders and more.

Guiding our clients with financing, management and operations Strategies in line with business goal.

We guide our clients through methods of financing, management and operations, and help them devise, plan and implement strategies that are aligned with their goals. Whether opportunity zones, 1031 exchanges, structuring for basis, or analyzing cash flow, internal control reviews, or merger and acquisition services, our real estate accounting experts are accessible to you as transactions approach and will stay with you every step of the way, until the deal is done.

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